What We Do


Make Some Noise is an end-to-end film production company with a difference - working specifically with small charities, like yours, in order to MAKE YOU HEARD.

Whist working as a 'comms team of one' for a small charity, Rachel, our founder, attempted the extremely daunting task of making film, on several occasions, with limited resources and capacity and now puts all she has learned to use by helping small charities access high-quality film.

What we offer includes everything you need to help you make that film such as:

* Establishing the concept / story

* Organising and directing the shoot

* Post-production - we'll cut the film that will appeal to your target audience (and also half a dozen 'teasers' for social media)

* Promoting your film (top tips and of course, we'll tell all our friends about it!)

(And if lack of funds are issue, we will even help you fundraise!)

With all the noise on the airwaves, it can be hard to stand out. We’re here to change that. We will find out exactly what your charity needs to get its message across; from brand identity to communications strategy, with audio-visual production at the very heart of it all. You will be able to reach your supporters (and future supporters) with a professionally shot, narrative-led, broadcast-quality film with bespoke music and sound.

We'll help you get heads turning, hearts stirring, the minds of the populace buzzing, and your message he(a)rd above the bleating of the flock.

Are you a charity in need of a short film but don't know where to start? Then get in touch with us today by emailing rachel@makesomenoise.tv.

We also believe strongly in paying for creative talent. Those working in the creative industries shouldn’t need to work for free to get experience/exposure or because they want to work on charity output and charities shouldn’t need to rely on this in order to make their film!

So, Make Some Noise Productions enables small charities to reach their donors / potential donors  and supports job creation within the creative industries!

 If you are working in the film industry and want to get involved with our initiative, please drop us an email (nick@makesomenoise.tv) with a short note and link to your show reel.

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